About us

A common thread binds all VABENE products together. Working with hand-picked companies from Italy gives VABENE brand a stability and edge. Since most of the factories have been in the market for more than 30-50 years, it gives VABENE the strength and competence needed to enter any market. With different staff located around Italy, VABENE has today a efficient and competent team that is able to contribute to the choice of the right product into the right market. With the strong focus and research in the material used, the attention to handcrafted details, the insight and understanding of the various technological process, VABENE finds ourselves in the middle of the evolution of the worlds taste and interior trends



Vabene was established in 1999 in Italy and started the first showrooms in the Scandinavian market. Since 1999 Vabene has been working and representing several Italian factories. Some of the Italian producers have been established in the market with their products for more than 50 years. Initially, the main products in Vabene were the Italian Modular Kitchens and Bathroom products. Vabene expanded over the years and included some additional interior products like Tiles, Interior DoorsWindows, staircases, wooden flooring, wardrobes, chairs, sofas, chairs, tables and lamps. All products are marketed through Vabene. Vabene is also involved in the design and product-development of the products sold under the brand Vabene, made in Italy

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