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VABENE kitchen and bathroom furnitures has an incredibly high quality and are sold at very competitive prices. 
The products are manufactured in the famous furniture area, Pesaro, in the northern Marche, Italy. 
The products have been on the market in Scandinavia since 2001, and now Vabene extends its business with more retailers and distributors in Scandinavia, Europe and other places around the world.
Vabenes factories has been producing high quality furniture for more than 40 years.
Our franchise concept means that each dealer or distributor will be awarded with an exclusive geographic sales area that protects the individual dealer against competition from other VABENE dealers.


VABENE offer to you -and your clients – a comprehensive range of kitchen and bathroom furniture. With over 60 different kitchen and bathroom models, where several of these are produced in 200 different colors, VABENE is a strong contender on the market. All our kitchen structures is supplied in V100, which is a strong, water-repellent material.
This also separates VABENE from most competitors with a product with very long life-expectation, thanks to the products’ high quality and the unique materials Vabenes products are manufactured by.
As a reseller of VABENE, you get access to a 3D CAD drawing program from our main manufacturer of kitchens, which you use in your communications and your orderconfirmation to the manufacturer in Italy. 
This insures that there are no errors in the ordering process.
No products will be put into production without your written confirmation through this program. 
Production time is only two to four weeks. 
It places VABENE in front, timewise, among most competitors -also in terms of delivery times.

Vabene Strong Points

1. VABENE products are fully MADE IN ITALY. We do not confuse the customers with “Italian design” and then produce in China or elsewhere. We guarantee high quality.

2. VABENE is only working with reputable Italian suppliers that have been operating in their market for a minimum of 30 years. This gives our customers access to a “lifetime” of experience in every purchase.

3. VABENE kitchens and bathroom furniture are produced with ecological panels, all of them water resistant. This gives Vabene products a lifetime of 20-35 years instead of the cheaper products that will only last 2-4 years.

4. All furniture and cabinets from VABENE are assembled in our factory by professional artisans. This guarantees that the cabinets and its measurements are as they should be, without alot of variations. All items are inspected by VABENE staff before leaving our factories.

5. All products are supplied with the latest technology in soft closing mechanism and Blum drawers. This is a mandatory VABENE standard. Our experience is that the customers get more value for their money in buying a VABENE product.

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